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File Compression

If you're downloading files off the Internet, or sending project files to our customer service representatives, you'll need a compression utility to make your files smaller. The software applications listed offer a wide range of file formats, including .zip, .bin, and .hqx. Our list of File Compression software is a good starting place for helping you send or archive your files.


  • ALZip is a freeware archiving and compression utility designed for speed and ease of use. It supports 36 archive and compression file formats including Zip, opens CD image files (ISO, BIN), opens virtual CD files (LCD), creates eight archive and compression file formats, creates self-extracting files and splits compressed files for easy transfers.

  • WinRAR is a shareware file compression utility that features the ability to process non-RAR archive formats including Zip files, support for long filenames, self-extracting archives, the repair of damaged archives, authenticity verification and encryption.

Mac OS X

  • MacRAR is a shareware RAR file compression utility for the Mac. It features drag-and-drop support, an appearance manager and navigation services. It also has AppleHelp documentation, information on archived items and on the archive itself.

  • MacZip is a freeware tool that supports PKZip compression and extraction. MacZip can compress files for Mac, Windows, Unix and others. It also supports data encryption for secure archiving.


  • The popular GNU Zip compression utility. It is commonly used with TAR to provide an excellent archiving format.

  • The Linux version of the popular cross-platform compression utility, StuffIt supports all popular compression standards, including Zip, RAR, SIT and many more. The utility features lossless compression, 512-bit data encryption, password protection, and archive splitting for ease of file transfer.

  • An X-Forms-based compression utility that supports eight different compression formats, including Zip, gzip, bzip2, *nix Compress, tar, tar+gzip, tar+bzip2 and tar+Compress.